Day 1: Started seeing.

Break the chains, free your mind, take the red pill.
So many different terms to one single event.

Waking up.

Today, by an entirely coincidental cause, i took my very fist step into the deep web, it was one of those days you had plenty of time in your hands, i was on Facebook browsing on a page named Welcome to The Internet, i was quite familiar with his content, (funny, meme-based mostly) when i stumbled into a post that kinda shocked me, was a detailed chart ( about our daily, common-use products, being part of very few company’s (Nestle, Coca-Cola, Pepsico, Mars). I mean, they are like, the entire economy.

And that got me thinking. There must be a secret agenda i don’t know of, because c’mon, is like the enitre globe enconomics are in the hands of few men. And being all that wealthy, powerful and influential, there must be political-corporate alliances worldwide (U.S.A. on of the most noticeable)

All that information came as a shock, this is not like anything I’ve experienced before, and it doesn’t come gradually, it comes as a reality-packed punch, like dropping the blindfold someone else put you before you could even say “Momma”

So all i know, all i’ve been taught by my parents, society, my teachers, even my friends, is it really true?
Or there is a world which few can see? A world it suddenly opens in front of your eyes, the real world, being manipulated by few minds, and us being the horse after the carrot, the mice after the cheese, so stuck in the system that you never had the time to REALLY think about it? After all, history has proved that the world has always been run by few men, that decided the entire road of society and brought us to this present day.

Now i understand terms like “Big brother is watching you”, “Google knows where you live”, the real meaning of “knowing too much” or the hilarious parodies of hobos screaming “It all a conspiracy, government are spying our minds!” (And i think to ridicule those kind of thoughts by impersonating them with crazy-homeless people is part of the plan).

But i am getting ahead of myself, after all, this is my first day alive, breathing the same air but in a much more bigger world, so what would i know?

Who are these men and how much are there? How much time they have been in control? What’s the purpose, the proverbial “secret agenda”? What they want and what’s going to happen? What do they do if someone knows to much? Those are the question that a day in the deep web has drilled in my mind, and I’ll do what i can to find out (carefully, cold minded always rational) the answers.

If someone read this and can direct me to a good forum, news feed about this matter, or about anything that can help, I’ll appreciate it.

Well, I’m off to watch again The Matrix, with the feeling that this time, I’ll understand it all.

Kool Wolf out.